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At Bendigo Landscapers, our sole objective is to be able to create the landscape that you have always dreamt of. We apply bespoke soft and hardscaping features so that we can create effective installations, which surpass aesthetic expectations. But to be able to do this most effectively, we have to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for, in your landscape. That is why, before we begin any of the designing or installation work, one of our consultants will always sit down with you and discuss ideas. Every member of our team has been working in the industry for several years and so, whenever they consult you, they’ll apply every shred of knowledge and expertise that they have. You’ll be able to discuss exactly what we need to do and how we can start bringing your dream landscape to reality.

Understanding Your Needs 
We want to understand your needs and desires, before we do anything. Your perfect landscape has to represent you and the things that you find important. This is why, our consultants will be more than happy to listen to the needs that you have, so we can begin planning how we are going to make good on every one of them. From aesthetic choices to colour combinations, the selection of materials and even the budget that you have, all of it is important to us and we care to take the time to understand them.

Finding the Right Space 
When we first meet with you for a consultation, we will always take a look at the existing space that you wish to change. Of course, the dimensions and shaping are both important to us, but we also want to get a feel for how the space connects to your home and interacts with the light. All of the finer details are important to us so that we can identify the right space for each part of the landscape. We’ll take note of the area and all of these details, and leave the rest to our talented design team to work with.

Choosing the Right Features 
Of course, not every single landscape feature is going to fit into your design. You need to find complementary elements and products, which are going to develop one great, overall style. So, we will discuss with you the ones that are going to be best for you and how they can be used in conjunction with others. For the choice of trees and plants, right down to the types of stones and gravel that you use. We’ll take care of it all and ensure that the most cohesive combination is put together.

Once we have had time to plan and discuss what we are going to do for you, we will be able to work out a rough estimate on the pricing. We’ll take into account all of your preferences and make sure we are giving an accurate price because we never want to give you any unexpected prices later down the line.