Turf Laying

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A premium landscape is never going to feel and look as good as it might, without the perfect lawn alongside it. There is no better way to turn a boring space of land into a verdant dreamscape, than with thoughtfully used grass. However, for many people, growing grass in their backyard can be a difficult task. In the dry heat of the Aussie summer, many people lose their lawns and struggle to ever get them back. But at Bendigo Landscapers, we don’t think that this should stop you from developing the garden space that you have always dreamed of. Which is why, we have the ideal service to bring to you. We can help all Bendigo residents with our turf laying service, regardless of whether we are installing you a new landscape or not. We can bring you a high-quality standard of turf, guaranteed to make a big transformation to any yard.

Fresh Turf
Laying fresh turf is the best way for you to grow new grass in your backyard. Whilst grass seeding can eventually work, it takes time and could still be inconsistent. However, our premium turf has already had the time to grow full and strong, which means it’ll be much more likely to fill your lawn with thick mattes of grass again. At the same time, it’ll already have mature roots, which means it’ll be able to take itself up in the soil right away and begin growing as before.

Choice of Grass
Your lawn is most likely the biggest feature of your backyard and one which is going to be very visible. So, you want to make sure that it looks good and of course, fits in with the rest of the space. Therefore, you are going to want to take advantage of one of the different types of grass that we can provide, so you find the most suitable one for you. From couch grass to Kikuyu, we’re sure you are going to find the perfect style of turf for your garden.

Grass Seeding
If turfing isn’t going to be your first choice, then you may instead like us to lay down some grass seeds. For patchy areas of lawn, a fresh seeding will be able to slowly bring back grass, naturally. Whilst it may take a little bit longer, this is the cheapest way for you to return your lawn to its original condition. We’ll take care of the job using a high standard of seed and make sure that you know all the care that is going to be necessary, towards getting the fullest growth out of it.

Watering and Fertilizing
Once we have laid down any fresh patch of turf, we want to make sure it has the best chance to continue to grow thick, full and strong. Which is why, we’ll never finish the job until we have taken care of the watering and fertilizing. These are going to be essential jobs throughout the lifetime of your lawn. So, once we have completed the task, we’ll make sure you know exactly what you have to do going forward.